I design products, services and interactions — and turn them into clear and engaging user interfaces for human beings.
I design for the best possible user experience, balancing user needs & business goals.

I have 10+ years of experience leading and executing across the user centred design spectrum.
I made my first website in 2001, and have designed interfaces professionally since 2007, and products since 2010.
My work background is as a UX Designer, Product Owner, Editor, Communications Advisor & Creative Writer.
I studied Literature, Cultural & Literary Theory, Systemic Grammar, Semiotics, Cultural Identity, Creative Process & Writing.
I seek to contextualise, make unexpected connections, and add perspective. 
I embrace complexity, and seek the clear over the simple.
I pair experience & insight into the creative process with an analytical & systematic mind.
I move quickly between zoomed in (people & interactions) and zoomed out (system).
I problem-solve from several angles – for example: conceptually, visually, technically and spatially.
I collaborate closely with programmers and cross-functional teams, with a lean philosophy and agile methods.
I believe in constructive feedback, an open dialogue, and a healthy work-life balance.
I am excited by science and technology, and the progress and promise they hold for us.

I am curious about almost everything, and I love to learn more than anything.
I value honesty, friendliness and preserving a sense of wonder.
My coworkers describe me as positive, focused, flexible, thorough and solution oriented.
I smile a lot.