New log-in and ID solution for more than 60 newspapers and media services online



My contribution
Product Design, Interaction Design, User Interface Design, Graphic Design, Visual Design, Concept Development, Information Architecture
Work done at Bekk Consulting 2014

Help counteract diminishing earnings from print advertising by unifying and elevating the online user experience for customers, while at the same time encouraging account creation and log-in to maximize data capture. Future proof product for any platform and device, and enable up-selling and possible future product/brand partnerships.


Amedia is Norway’s largest publisher of local media titles, with a daily audience of more than two million readers and users. All of Amedia's newspapers operated independently online, although some of them shared a technical platform and a basic design. 

As Product Design Lead I led a team of three designers tasked to conceptualize, design and help implement a system for user sign-up, subscription and identification for all newspapers – to work on desktop and mobile. The goal was to have more users log in, gather more data about them and that way offer a better product alongside cross-/up-sales and incentives for becoming and/or staying a subscriber.

 ❝aID has been a success, something our customers are now realizing the benefits of. aID gives each customer access to our entire content universe, with all the digital added value we offer.
— Amedia Executive Vice President,
Pål Eskås

An important part of the project was leading a discussion with the team around how the product would manifest as an MVP in the early stages of the project. The MVP was successfully launched, received and iterated upon – all on time and on budget – leading to the launch of the aID product in May 2015.

Three years later, aID has managed to capture over 1 million registered aID users, with a daily reach of 2 million people. Norway has 5 million inhabitants. 

 ❝We have concluded that aID is the best solution the market has to offer, and we are convinced it has the most to offer both consumers and advertisers going forward.
— CEO of Aller Media,
Dag Sørsdahl

My work on the project included planning and executing the MVP and the overall user experience, testing and designing interactions and different interfaces and states, untangling and mapping a complex user journey, developing a tone of voice (complete with examples), a logo (wordmark), an early version of a design manual for the new branded product, and both leading and being hands on with specific design details.