New responsive website completely breaking with industry's design language and ToV



My contribution
Interaction Design, Information Architecture, User Research, User Interface Design, Concept Model Development, Content Strategy
Work done at Bekk Consulting 2012

Build an entire new responsive website from scratch, to help make Gjensidige the easiest recognizable brand in its category online, raise the bar for usability for traditionally complex digital services, and maximize retainment of existing customers.


I was Interaction Design Lead in charge information architecture, mapping user needs, and of course – Interaction Design. Our project team was tasked with transforming the traditional insurance and bank corporation's site into a highly usable, intuitive and flexible site – to work on any device.

I dove deep into user needs, and the main tasks the users come to the site to solve. I worked out the information architecture for both the Norwegian and English site, with local adaptions for each of the Scandinavian countries. I researched, compiled and wrote the complete content strategy for the new website. I also wireframed the new concept and its manifestation on the new site we were building, as well as detailed interactions and functionality.

The site clearly puts the user’s needs and tasks to solve above all else. Kudos to those who made this brave decision!❞ 
— Head of Jury for the Farmand Award for Best Idea & Design,
Ola Heining

We focused on user tasks, findability and an information architecture that felt natural to users – both those surfing around for a better deal on their car insurance, those planning for their children's future, and those in urgent need of assistance after an accident or another extreme situation. We structured the modules (which seamlessly and in a responsive manner formed information clusters – not traditional web pages) using the core model.

One of our goals was to stand out from the competition, and raise the bar for our industry online – both for content and form.
— Gjensidige Executive Vice President,
Cecilie Ditlev-Simonsen

The web site was a complete break with the established design language and tone of voice found in the insurance and banking industry at the time. When launched, the site caused quite a stir in Norway, hated by some and loved by many – including our competitors. The site won Gold for Best Interactive Design at the Visuelt Awards with this rationale from the jury:

This solution challenges us to rethink what a web site can be. It is a different, bold and innovative solution for a client in an industry not known for these characteristics. The solution uses visual communication to simplify and humanize complex products often associated with long legal copy and small print. The combination of a layout with plenty of whitespace, informal illustrations and short copy leads to a clear and task based design. We are excited to see the effects of this solution.

The site also won the award for Best Idea & Design at the Farmand Awards