High fidelity prototype for redesign and restructuring of products & services online



My contribution
Product Design, Business Development, Concept Model Development, User Interface Design, Interaction Design, Information Architecture
Work done at Bekk Consulting 2012

Clean up, redesign and prototype a highly complex logistics product line for the Norwegian Postal Service (B2C/B2B). Envision how it can be presented online to the customer in the future, focusing on building a great user experience. Optimize prototype to ensure buy-in from leadership and board of directors.


As part of a two person team, I created a high fidelity protoype for the Norwegian Postal Service (Posten) and their B2B offerings (Bring), aimed at creating the online user experience of the future, for both desktop and mobile.

The client restructured their product offering (several hundred products) in an effort to make the jungle of products easier to navigate for the end user. We defined, refined and detailed the products and product architecture for presentation online.

The prototype was brought to life with two developers, and proved decisive for the client in securing support for the new product structure and design from top management, the organisation as whole, and finally, through user testing, the end user. 

Our concept was to perfectly match the user's mental model when shipping something. We asked four questions, in order of importance – all of which were something the user will know (but still giving her option to give approximate answers: "It weighs about the same as a book"), and which will give the user a price, information about delivery time, tracking etc, and actionable steps ("order and pay for this option now").

We started out with the information architecture, while at the same time mapping and refining the client's online product offerings. A huge undertaking, that led to several rooms and walls filled with a color coded post-it-system. Next came the design of specific user flows for each product, and the countless variations therein, within the 4 main categories: Posten (B2C) Parcel and Posten Letters, and Bring (B2B) Letters and Bring Goods. Again, everything went up on the walls to get a better overview and understanding of the complexity, context and interdependencies.

Then we did concept model development for the online presentation of the products. We sketched out twenty concepts, presented four and ended up with one, a progressive reveal of actionable steps with big touch targets. Next we wireframed and sketched the chosen concept, and made a style guide for the UI and design details.