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My contribution
User Interface Design, User Experience Design, Visual Design, Interaction Design, Icons

I worked with to improve the user experience, and redesign the user interface.

Process is for the discerning and savvy traveler. The one who values quality over price, charm over fame, and originality over formula. The app provides rich destination content to over 150 cities, provided by hand picked local experts.

The app needs to fill the need of the traveler, whether she uses the app for research, travel planning on the go, keeping track of favorites and possible new places to check out, or simply as a little travel diary. This means the user experience needs to flow flawlessly and support several user scenarios at once, with a clear and task oriented UI that still entices and encourages exploration, and lets the user make the app her own.

I systematically refined and updated different views for a more coherent and modern experience that offers the user more – while maintaining clarity and an intuitive interface.