The challenge is less important then what I learn. Writing teaches me about myself, my experiences, and other human beings. I can not ask more. Also, writing as an art form is often overlooked when creating digital products and interfaces. I seek to remedy this.

Half of my education, and the first years of my work life were spent as a writer. This background has come in handy in my current work as a designer and communicator.


Here are some things I’ve written
Interview series #NorwegianCoffeeTalk: Conversations with entrepreneurs and pioneers in tech, design and design thinking

"Weeper": A short film script

? "Truth": A promotional film for the Nordic Light International Photo Festival


Train my eye to better see composition and details, as well as capturing different atmospheres. How can I make one picture tell a story?

I love taking pictures. I see it as yet another way of honing skills relevant to my work, as well as genuinely learning how to see.


Some more of my pictures
? Exposure

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x_Water Droplets on Green Leavesx_Water Droplets on Green Leaves


Music is a constant in my life. It is where I spring from, and it is what I usually come back to. I actively use it as a tool when I communicate. I try to make whatever I convey flow, resonate, harmonize, entice, and last – just like a good song, chorus, solo or sound. Music is the most natural presence in my life, and I am currently looking for ways to make it a bigger part of my work as a designer and communicator. 

From 2002 to 2006 I sold over 10,000 albums with my previous band, Mortal Love. In a time when CD sales plummeted and pirating music was the norm, it is an achievement I am proud of.

I currently write, record and release music under the name CASCAM.